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Many girls who have been coached by Jenn and Bobby over the years have gone on to play soccer at the collegiate level.  Below is a partial list of these players:

Eleni Anselmi - Div III - SUNY New Paltz (North Rockland HS)
Ashley Barone - Div 1 - Siena College (Shenendehowa HS)
Mackenzie Biro Div III Oneonta (Minisink)
Sarah Boccard - Div III - SUNY New Paltz (Washingtonville HS)
Caitlin Colfer - Div 1 - Ohio State (Colonie HS)
Carly Collins - Div II - East Stroudsberg (Monroe HS)
Kelly Conheeney Div I Virginia Tech (Northern Highlands)
Victoria Colotti - Div III - Buffalo State (NFA) 2014 Grad
Marissa Connolly - Div II - Pace University - (Washingtonville HS) 2014 Grad
Charlotte Cooke - Div 1 - Illinois University
Elisa Cullaro Div 1 Manhattan (Clarkstown South)
Dana Desimone Div III Oneonta (Shenendehowa)
Brittney Egan - Div 1 - Manhattan College (Pearl River HS)
Theresa Fotino - Div II - Pace University
Whitney Frary - Div II - Williams Smith
Jackie Frey Div I Marist (Monroe)
Nicole Genzardi Div I University of Rhode Island (IHA)
Meghan Goodwin - Div 1 - Colgate (Shenendehowa HS)
Lacey Habicht Div III Marywood College (Pascack Hills, NJ)
Olivia Habicht Div III Marywood College (Pascack Hills, NJ)
Brielle Heitman Div I Syracuse (Mahwah)
Christy Hipsman Div III SUNY Purchase (Chester)
Ashley Kenny - Div II - Pace University - (Washingtonville HS) 2013 Grad
Francesca Kentimenos - Div 1 - College of Charleston (North Rockland HS)
Mackenzie Kerrigan Div I American (North Rockland)
Nicole Landes - Div 1 - Manhattan College (North Rockland HS)
Rebecca Lee - Div 1 - SUNY Albany (Bethlehem HS)
Erin Lilly Div I UMass Amherst (Shenendehowa)
Jillian Lyons - Div 1 - Navy (Shenendehowa HS)
Claire Magliola - Div 1 - Georgetown 
Rebecca Millock - Div 1 - Harvard (Shaker HS)
Ashley Moore - Div 1 - UNC Chapel Hill (Shenendehowa HS)
Siobhan Murphy - Div II - Pace University (Kingston HS) 2014 Grad
Evelyn Nicinski Div I Bucknell (Clarkstown South)
Deli Plourde Div I Binghamton (Shenendehowa)
Drea Porteus Div II College of Saint Rose (Shenendehowa)
Denay Riley - Div 1 - Penn State (Washingtonville HS)
Riley Roy Div II Nyack College (Washingtonville)
Danielle Schmitt Div III Plattsburgh State (Washingtonville)
Caroline Shiel Div 1 Lafayette (Ramapo)
Nicole Smith - Div 1 - Georgetown University (Washingtonville HS)
Brittney Taylor - Div 1 - UConn (Washingtonville HS)
Janelle Taylor - Div 1 - St Boneventure (Washingtonville HS)
Leah Taylor - Div 1 - Iona College (Northern Highlands HS)
Alexa Tirelli Div I Fairleigh Dickinson (Minisink)
Meaghan Trembley - Div II - Pace

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